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Welcome Home bedside

Finally!  My first post!  The past several months I have been preparing for this blog and working on opening an etsy shop.  All while staying home and raising my three little kids (5, 2 and 10 months).  I knew absolutely nothing about wordpress and the technical aspects of starting a blog, so I had a ton to learn.  I still have a ton to learn!  Sometimes, something that should have taken me 10 minutes took me a couple days because I had no idea what I was doing!  But, I must say, taking on something new and different from the day to day tasks of motherhood has been refreshing and rewarding.  It’s been nice to challenge my brain again.  I was one of those students who, for the most part, loved school.  Learning new things is exciting.  One new skill I have been working on learning is Adobe Illustrator.  It all started with creating some flyers for our church bulletin and I became hooked.  Isn’t it great how God introduces you to new exciting things when you choose to serve Him?!  I still have quite a bit to learn on Illustrator, but I love how the program uses my creative brain along with my math brain.  I was an art major who taught high school math after all.  One thing I love about Illustrator is you can take a drawing/painting you do, scan it into your computer and then do so many different things with that one image.  Here’s my first free printable of many that will be offered on this blog.  In spirit of this being my first post, I thought a “Welcome Home” print would be appropriate.  I love how there seems to be a heart shape in the negative space.  You could use this in your entryway, place in a frame in your guest room or use the 5×7 version as a card for a friend.  Simply click on the picture or the text below and it will take you to the pdf file.  Print and enjoy!

 8×10 Free Printable     5×7 Free Printable in Card Format

Welcome Home 8x10

Much Love!