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The past 3 garments I’ve sewn up for my daughter have been Lil Luxe Collection patterns. I’m completely obsessed. Not all patterns are created equally and these are by far some of the best for girls. When I found out Lil Luxe needed a few more testers for their newest pattern, I jumped at the opportunity. The Zephyr crop top is an older pattern of Lil Luxe Collection that has been updated to match their current sizing with a dress version as well. The dress version combines woven fabric with leather. I’m seriously considering using it for my daughter’s Easter dress, but I’m still undecided.

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that you are able to make use of all those scraps lying around your home. The top is reversible, so as many as 4 different fabrics could be used. I chose to use a striped shirting fabric from Robert Kaufman for the bottom of both sides. The main side, as seen in these photos, is a quilting cotton from Michael Miller Fabrics I got about 2 years ago. I had just enough left for this top! On the inside, or other side, I used some Art Gallery yarn-dyed denim in Endless Paradise I had leftover from the Billie Outdoor Vest I had made my daughter this past fall.

This top sews up super quickly. It probably took me 2 hours to sew up, but that includes about 40 minutes of handstitching. I’m a pretty slow sewer, so I know many of you could probably whip this up in under an hour. There is no seam at the shoulders. The front and back are all one solid piece, so even less steps!

One thing I really love about Lil Luxe Collection patterns is the attention to detail with the insides of the garment as well as the outside. This top is reversible, so the inside looks just the same as the outside. The final seam could be topstitched down or hand stitched. I chose to handstitch mine and now I have a finished garment with absolutley no stitching showing. How great is that! I suppose you can see threads on the button hole, but that is it!

I sewed up a size 5T and then extended the front and back 2″ on the main pieces. According to the size chart, my daughter measures at a 5T for her chest and a size 8 for her height. The directions are clear and simple to lengthen or shorten. The finished fit is perfect and I like that the top is cropped, but not bare mid-drif short. The size chart on the pattern has a row for the finished length of the garment. I love it when patterns include finished measurements, because we don’t all have the same tastes and it’s nice to know ahead of time if you need to make any adjustments to get the desired look without having to measure pattern pieces and subtract seam allowances.

My daughter loves this top and I’m sure it will be in heavy rotation on hot summer days. I think it would look super cute with the Papillon Shorties, also by Lil Luxe Collection. But, my daughter is more of a skirt wearing girl, so she will probably be pairing it with a circle skirt most days.

Make sure to take a look at the new pattern, so you can see the dress version. The little leather bow and leather waistband look so amazing  and I look forward to sewing it up some day soon.

These photos were taken at my daughter’s favorite photo shoot location, Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg. She absolutely loves this place and when your child is excited and happy that always makes for better photos. It was a warm 70 degree day, so she was comfortable wearing short sleeves with a bit of her back exposed. The last few photoshoots I’ve done with her, it’s been a bit chilly and difficult to get photos without her hunched over with her arms wrapped around her body. Normally, after a photoshoot I have 10-15 photos I like that I feel I could use. This time I had 50. It was such a beautiful day and there was a huge fallen branch filled with cherry blossoms that my daughter had a lot of fun with. If you look closely, you’ll see the book my daughter insisted on bringing. She’s currently reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling. She’s a complete bookworm and I often have to remind her to go to sleep at 10pm when I catch her up reading by her nightlight in her room. I just hope the fascination continues! 

Pattern: Zephyr Top and Dress by Lil Luxe Collection

Fabric: Michael Miller Brambleberry Ridge Rosemilk in Metallic Mint, Oxford Yarn Dyed Large Stripe in Blue from Robert Kaufman and Art Gallery Outland Yarn Dye Chambray in Endless Paradise


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