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Metallic Knit Toaster Sweater


Sewing is not something I am quick at. I seem to take forever to sew a garment others whip out in a night. Many of my garments take me 2 weeks to sew. When I first started, I figured I would get faster with time, but that hasn’t really been the case for me. Sure, I’m often sewing while carrying on conversations with my kids, sometimes carrying them on my lap while I sit behind the sewing machine. But, having kids isn’t the only reason for my slow sewing. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I prefer to take my time making sure everything turns out to the best of my abilities. Plus, I have to make a ton of adjustments to patterns (I’m tall with wide shoulders, small chested and pear shaped). So, when people talk about a pattern being quick, I usually think, “Oh, maybe I can get that sewn up in a few nights.” I’ve heard the Toaster Sweater Version 1 was a quick sew, but I had no idea just how quick it would really be.

I cut out my fabric and sewed up this Toaster Sweater in under 2 hours! And, it would have been even faster if I hadn’t run over a pin on my last seam and ruined my serger knife. Arghhhh!!! Some quick sewers could probably sew this one up in 30 minutes. Now, having a quick sew is wonderful, but having a quick sew and creating a garment that you absolutely love is on a whole other level. And, that’s just what this pattern is for me. It was so easy and it fits so incredibly well. It’s the type of garment I know I will reach for again and again.

I used this great sweater knit purchased through Style Maker Fabrics a few months ago. Last I checked there were 2 yards left, so you better be fast if you want it! There are tiny metallic silver threads throughout the knit that make it sparkle beautifully. I did my best to try to photograph the metallic threads, so look closely at the close-up photos. I’ve never sewn with a sweater knit before and I always imagined it would be challenging, but this fabric was so incredibly easy to work with. Is sweater knit always easy to work with? If so, I need to sew with it more frequently. This particular sweater knit is a little bit transparant, but I feel completely comfortable wearing a nude color bra and nothing else underneath. That’s what I’m doing in these pictures, and I really don’t think a camisole is necessary. 

Some adjustments were made to the pattern for my body. I added 4″ to the length and 1″ to the length of the sleeve. I sewed up a size small and graded out to a medium at the hip. Basically, I just graded out with the 4″ I added and then used the medium band for the hem. I usually add between 1-2″ in length, so 4″ is more than usual. The sweater is definitely drafted to be a cropped sweater. Sometimes, I have to add 2″ in length to sleeves, so I would say these sleeves are a bit longer than average. Usually, I sew up an x-small and grade to a small at the hip in most independent pattern designers. This pattern runs a bit smaller than usual, which is great news for the more petite sewist!

I’m so happy I finally took the time to sew up this sweater. We’ve been having unusually warm weather here. The day I took these pictures it was actually in the 70’s. I arrived at the location to take photos and the parking lot was jammed packed full of cars. The times I’ve gone there in the past there has been maybe 5 cars. If you are a sewing blogger, you know taking photos of yourself with a tripod and a remote is awkward enough. Having all those people there made it even more uncomfortable. Fortunately, I had moments with no one around and I took my shots during those moments. Now that the sun is staying out longer and my husband is getting home from work before sunset, I may have to switch to taking photos on weekdays. Less crowds works better for me.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be sewing up more of these in the future. I purchased the bundle with both versions of the pattern, so I would love to try Version 2 as well. Have you sewn up the Toaster Sweater yet? If you want a quick sew that is a great everyday wear, I highly recommend you try it.

Pattern: Toaster Sweater Version 1 by Sew House 7

Fabric: Sparkle Sweater Knit Navy/White/Silver from Style Maker Fabrics




2017 Make Nine



Within the last couple months, I’ve come to the realization that I need to be more strategic when deciding on my makes. I really enjoy focusing on the details of a garment and adding special touches that make the garment unique and special. Whether it be using scraps of a contrasting fabric for smaller pattern pieces, using contrasting topstitching, adding embroidery or anything else that gives the clothing a little extra something. I’m also realizing I really love to make changes to a pattern. Not necessarily because the pattern needs it, but because I honestly enjoy the process of creating something different and figuring out all the measurements so everything fits just so. Doing these things takes extra time though and I’m already a really really slow sewer. However, I’m okay with the extra time because I’ve never been one to have a closet full of clothes. I’m perfectly happy if I have a weeks worth of clothes, especially if I love every piece. I’ve always followed the idea of a capsule wardrobe before I ever even knew of the term. So, for 2017 I hope to rotate between a slow fashion piece where I really take my time on the garment and a quick sew that satisfies some basic I need in my wardrobe. I’m still working on creating a winter wardrobe since moving from California to Virginia, so my list may be a bit fall/winter heavy.

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Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour



Welcome readers! I am so honored to be a part of the Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour. Have you seen the list of bloggers on this tour?! They are all so amazing, so I really hope you take a look at each one of their posts. Keep reading for a complete list further down. I hadn’t sewn up any Itch to Stitch patterns before this tour, but I think I may have discovered one of my favorite designers in this. As a girl with not a lot going up top, I’m especially appreciative that Kennis creates patterns for different cup sizes. All fabric in this tour was sponsored by Style Maker Fabrics and they are offering a great deal on shipping during the tour. Keep reading for more details.

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