Fabric Crush Friday Week 3



This week I’ve been working on a project that for some reason is moving sooo slow. I’m a pretty slow sewer anyway, with the kids constantly interrupting my train of thought, but lately I seem to be moving at snail speed. I do have projects in the works though. I promise! Here’s this weeks fabric crushes!

Rust Soft Rayon-Silk Velvet #309342

$39.99 Yard at Mood Fabrics


I saw this fabric online and thought it looked gorgeous and I’m telling you, it is even more beautiful in person. The drape on this silk velvet is so smooth. I will say, the back isn’t ideal for touching your skin, so I would recommend using a lining with this one. I’m really tempted to purchase some and make another Sudley Dress with a lining. I’m not sure I would have very many opportunities to actually wear it though, so I’m a bit hesitant. This is definitely a fabric suited for more formal garments. Although, it could be dressed down as a loose camisole with some flare jeans, such as the Basic Tank by Cali Faye Collection.

Italian Light Gray Wool French Terry #311597

$24.99 Yard at Mood Fabrics


This is the super close up image of the right side of this amazing wool french terry. The backside has soft loops. I love the texture and depth of this fabric. For some reason it reminds me of my dads winter sweater he would wear hunting, although it’s not quite that heavy. I imagine this fabric would create the most amazing Hudson Pants. Grainline Studio’s Linden Sweatshirt would be a wonderful option as well.


$14.50 Yard through Indiesew.com


If you haven’t heard about this new collection from Cotton + Steel, you may just be living under a rock. This entire collection collaborating with Rifle Paper Co. is all so amazing and I’m having a really really hard time resisting. I need winter clothes right now though and all I want to do with this rayon is make a beautiful flowing summer dress. Perhaps, I could convince myself that a Roscoe Blouse would be wintery enough? Or, I could make that flowy dress and pair it with thick tights and a sweater? A lot of fabric sites are selling out quickly of this fabric, so if you do want it, you probably should act quick, instead of dragging your feet like me.

Bamboo Jersey Knit Black

$15.99 Yard at Hart’s Fabric

Bamboo Jersey

This is one of those ongoing fabric love affairs. I’ve used this fabric in gray on a pair of Hudson pants I practically live in and have just purchased yards of it in black to make my daughter a few pairs of Boo! Designs Leggings. The fabric is sooo soft. When we received a recent shipment in the mail, my oldest son snatched it from the box declaring it was his blanket for the rest of the day. (It would make great baby swaddle blankets actually.) It also has incredible recovery, so it works really well for fitted garments as well as loose ones. No need to worry about stretched out knees or bottoms. Bamboo is really great at absorbing sweat as well, so it would work great for activewear. I don’t know if I would use it for leggings for myself; I think it’s a little too stretchy for that, but it would be great as an active tank. After sewing up my daughter her striped Mini Briar with a fabric almost identical to this one, I’m really wanting my own cropped Briar Tee using this Bamboo Jersey. 

If you’ve missed the last two Fabric Crush Friday’s, here they are. Just click on the images to be redirected to their posts.


Fabric Crush Friday Week 2

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And, Happy Sewing!




Fabric Crush Friday Week 2



Welcome to Week 2 of Fabric Crush Friday! I’ve got 4 more fabrics to share with you that I’m sure you will love just as much as I do! This week I’ve been working on sewing for my kids since it is Kids Clothes Week. I’ve been following peoples creations on social media and everyone is sewing up such cute things! And, here I am over here sewing basic solid sweatpants for my boys and black leggings for my daughter. It hasn’t been the most exciting week of sewing, but my kids NEED pants and ready to wear pants fall right off their skinny little frames. In California we could get away with shorts for much of the year and then be embarrassed by their hand me down high waters for maybe a month or so. It’s going to be much colder here and for a longer period of time, so it’s time to stock up their fall/winter wardrobes with the basics that will get them through the seasons. So, sew the boring basics it is. But, I do have some more exciting projects in the works, as well as some selfish sewing projects I’m really really looking forward to working on and sharing with all of you.

Now, back to the fabric…

Phillip Lim Yellow/Gold Metallic Floral Tissue Lame #310483

$17.99 yard at Mood Fabrics

Phillip Lim Yellow/Gold Metallic Floral Tissue Lame

Every fall I attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with my husband. For the past 7 years I have either been pregnant, recently had a baby or my husband was deployed and we didn’t get to attend. I’m really looking forward to this years ball. My husband is home, the kids are a bit older, so we don’t need to feel like we have to rush home and my body isn’t in a phase of transition. Trying to find a gown that you love, but isn’t hundreds and hundreds of dollars is not an easy task. I think I’m up for the challenge to sew my own dress this year. I have an idea for a simple silhouette that I don’t think will be too time intensive. I’m now just trying to decide on fabric choices. I’m hoping to create a dress that’s a little more unique due to the fabric choices and I may have found one of the fabrics in this lovely lame. My idea is to use this fabric only on the empire waist bodice and then use a solid for the skirt portion of the dress. The fabric is lightweight, but completely opaque. I believe it will work well for the fitted bodice I envision, but it also has a fluid drape that would look really lovely as a fuller skirt (such a Megan Nielsen’s Brumby Skirt). The fabric lends itself better for more fitted or structured garments for the most part and I don’t think it would be ideal for a fluid tank, even though at first glance it looks like it would make an amazing loose tank with that amazing color. I would recommend using some kind of lining if you plan on using this fabric as well, as it has a bit of a rougher texture due to the metallic threads.

Pink Floral Printed Max-Dri Anti-Microbial Performance Tricot #311377

$15.99 at Mood Fabrics

Pink Floral Printed Max-Dri Anti-Microbial Performance Tricot

Last week I shared with you a wonderful printed tricot for a pair of Sloan leggings I will be sewing up soon. I purchased this fabric as well because I completely fell in love with the feminine floral pattern. I was hoping to use it for a pair of work out leggings, but I’m not sure it’s thick enough for that purpose. I’m still completely in love with the fabric though and the material is definitely quality, it just may be a bit thin for pants unless you have very toned, dimple free legs, which I personally do not. The fabric is completely opaque, so there’s no concern about seeing through it, it just doesn’t have as much support as I prefer. I do, however, think the fabric would work perfect for swimwear or even a loose tank to exercise in. I’ve been pinning two piece swimsuits for months now with combos of florals and stripes. I know the trend has been around for awhile, but I’m not tired of it at all yet. The Sophie Swimsuit pattern by Closet Case Patterns as well Ohhh Lulu’s Ava Pantie pattern are some patterns I’ve been eyeing for the high waisted bottoms. Here are a couple of the swimsuits that have been inspiring me. (I’ve searched and searched to try to figure out where the bottom suit came from and I can’t seem to find anything. Sorry!)


Swimsuit and Photo by Beverly Swimwear.



Telio Viscose Rayon Challis Emerald

$6.98 Yard at Fabric .com


Sometimes a fabric crush isn’t about the unique exciting new fabric, but instead about the fabric you go back to again and again. I absolutely love sewing with and wearing rayon chalice. This particular rayon is a steal at $6.98 a yard and it’s pretty decent quality too. I have a black maxi skirt I made in this rayon and it has held up wonderfully. The fabric isn’t quite as thick as say, Cotton and Steele’s rayon, but it is still plenty thick where you do not need to worry about needing a lining. I wash this fabric with all my other clothes and then have it hang dry and it always comes out lovely with little to no wrinkles. Any wrinkles that might still exist will fall out within 30 minutes of wearing. About a month ago, I wanted to purchase this rayon in this beautiful emerald color, but it was all sold out. It’s back in stock now and I’m looking forward to purchasing at least a couple yards of it. There’s so many patterns that would look amazing with this fabric. I’m planning on another Hey June Cheyenne Tunic, but have considered doing another Megan Nielsen’s Brumby maxi skirt in the solid emerald.

Rag & Bone Antique White Stretch French Terry #310096

$13.99 Yard at Mood Fabrics

Rag & Bone

I purchased a few yards of this fabric recently sight unseen to make my daughter and I some fall sweatshirts. I had high hopes for it, but wasn’t sure how thick it would be. I was so happy to discover this is my dream french terry. I wish there were more colors available. It’s super thick and cozy with just a little stretch, the perfect weight for a light jacket or sweatshirt. I’ve been wanting to sew up Grainline Studio’s Linden Sweatshirt pattern in a french terry for probably a year now, so what I purchased will be used for that. However, I think this fabric would make a really great light jacket as well, such as Grainline Studio’s Morris Blazer or the Evergreen Jacket by Hey June.

That’s it! My 4 crushes of the week. I hope you are enjoying this series of posts and I may (wink, wink) have something special to go with it at the end of the month.

Happy Sewing!




Fabric Crush Friday



If you are anything like me, you spend way too much time scouring online fabric shops dreaming of all the pretty things you could make with the different fabrics you find. I thought it would be fun to start sharing a few of my favorite finds each week. If like me, you purchase most of your fabric online, you know how dissapointed you get occasionally when you receive a fabric and it’s completely different than you had envisioned. All the fabrics I talk about in these posts, I will have purchased yards of it or at least a sample. That way I can discuss the way the fabric moves, recovers and any other details I think might be worth noting. Let me know if there is more info you hope to see in future posts.

Pacific Twill Wool Coating #310771

$24.99 yard from Mood Fabrics

pacific wool

I’m really wanting to make my own winter coat this year. I’m not sure I’ll actually get to it, since I have so many things I NEED to sew now that we’re living where there will be a real winter. I have a really old wool coat that may be dressier than I’d prefer and an old ski jacket to hold me over if necessary. I found quite a few wools that could work for a winter coat, but this particular one stood out to me. I love that the color has more depth to it and if you look closely, the texture looks absolutely lovely. The color is a stunning blue green that works especially well with my skin tone. I’m considering sewing up Grainline Studio’s Duffle Coat, but I’m not convinced yet. Maybe a drapier coat? I purchased a sample of this fabric and it actually has some drape for a wool coating. I would describe it as a lightweight wool coating, so probably not suitable for Grainline Studio’s Duffle Coat, but I’m still crushing on it and can see other uses for it. It would make a lovely pair of lined trousers or a lighter jacket, maybe even Grainline Studio’s Tamarack Jacket

Pink Tribal Printed UV Protective Compression Tricot w/ Aloe Vera Microcapsules #311529

$19.99 Yard from Mood Fabrics


I recently started working out again for the first time in probably 5 years. I exercised here and there and my kids certainly keep me active, but I’m really starting to work out again and it feels AMAZING. My workout wardrobe consists of mostly running clothes I probably purchased in the 90’s, so I’m really in desperate need of some new things. I’ve purchased the Sloan Legging pattern by Hey June and have plans to make quite a few pairs, some in basic black and a few others in fun prints. I’m totally crushing on this fabric from Mood Fabrics. I’ve already purchased enough of this fabric to make a pair of Sloan Leggings and it will be perfect for that pattern. The fabric has awesome recovery, so no need to worry about it stretching out as you wear it. This fabric would also work well for a swimsuit or something special for a dancer or gymnast. If you’ve ever bought a swimsuit from Athleta before, I would compare the thickness of this fabric to what they use on their swimsuits. Definitely more of an active swimwear fabric as opposed to a lounging poolside kind of swimsuit. It does have that slight sheen of most athletic wear fabrics, so probably not as suitable for everyday wear.

Telio Reflection Hatchi Knit Gold

$13.98 Yard from Fabric .com

Telio Reflection Hatchi Knit Gold

A shimmery sweater knit?! Need I say more? I think this fabric would look especially cool as a loose camisole (such as the Basic Tank by Califaye Collections) under a casual knit blazer. The back side and underneath that gold shimmer is a heathered oatmeal knit. You can’t really see the heathered oatmeal color in the websites pictures, so be aware of that. I plan on using this to create a long sleeved Morrison Tee for my daughter. I think a little goes a long way with this fabric for most grown women, but little girls have different “rules”. Am I right?

Midnight Navy Soft Blended Wool Woven #310611

$24.99 Yard from Mood Fabrics


Sometimes, you fall in love with a fabric because the way it feels, not so much because of how it looks. I found the texture in this wool blend interesting, so I purchased a sample of it. Oh my. It is so incredibly soft. You definitely want to sew up something without a lining on this one. It’s that soft. This is not a stiff wool at all. It has a lovely drape that would work really well on a drapey cardigan (such as the Laurelhurst by Straight Stitch Designs) or a loose fitting dress. I was thinking the Lou Box Top extended to dress length would be great for this fabric. Just a casual cozy, lie around the house with a really good cup of tea kind of dress. The fabric still has some weight to it, so I don’t think it would gather particularly well, so choose your dress patterns carefully.

So, there we go. Four fabrics that I’m currently crushing on and I think you should be as well. Let me know what you think of this post. Do you find it helpful? Should I add certain bits of info on the fabrics that I didn’t include this time? I’m considering adding video, which I personally think would be very helpful, but involves a bit of a learning curve for me. Be prepared for lots of kids sewing from me next week. It’s Kids Sewing Week and my kids are in desperate need of some fall and winter clothing. Anyone else joining in?

Happy Sewing!



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